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Lillie Marie was born and raised in Rochester, NY. She is the baby of the family, raised by a single mother, along with her two older siblings and a host of cousins. Throughout her school career she was singing in the studio and a part of a dance group called “TAT”.

Lillie Marie decided it was time for a change in her life and made a confident migration to the south, landing in Atlanta, GA., where life is different, but different is good.

Lilie Marie is currently employed in corporate America as a Recruiter Coordinator. She knew there is more she liked to contribute of herself to the world and the desire to leave an imprint on the world.

Lillie Marie, stepped out on faith, and with ventured into starting a catering service business called, RNL Meals. Lillie Marie has always taken pride in owning what she does and her passion for creating beautiful, tasty dishes was the new art. Getting into shape was the name of the game for Lillie; so she started to do meal prep meals and sell workout gear under her corporation.

Always standing out among the normal ways of life, Lillie Marie dares herself to be different. When others did not believe in her ability to be successful, she believed in her faith, herself, her family, her church, and her God to share her overflow of love onto others. She is also an Author of a book, Lily in the Valley. She has been on the Stoney Love Radio Show, was a guest speaker at The Sisterhood Project organization, and also provided mentorship for the teens with Miss Black USA Pageant.

Lillie Marie is a mother of two beautiful daughter’s, Laylah and Lyric. She exemplifies the example of courage, tenacity, and determination to her daughters, daily with hopes of always being the best. She encourages the both of them to be all that they can be and to dream of all they want to be! She teaches them to never let others and life get in the way of creating their won, individual paths and asking for their hearts desires.




Going down memory lane is not fun. However in this book you’ll learn more about me; more about God in me. Understanding my past and how I strive to be all that I can be. How I allow nothing or anything to get in the way of my faith. Trauma happens to us all one way or another but its not about the trauma, its about your message and being able to translate that to others.


Have you found yourself in the midst of life, marriage, and motherhood, second-guessing your strength, power, and purpose?

Have you lost the sense of who YOU are and who you were created to be?

You are not alone!

For Lillie, it took a life-changing experience to open her eyes to the reality of her life, in which she had become comfortable and fulfilled—or so she thought!

From a married woman to a single mom to a broken version of who she now is, Lillie takes you on her life’s journey, along with the struggles and discovery of who God intended for her to be—the Lily of the Valley!